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What this is
14 June 2018

a. Cool Thing catalog, appreciation aggregator, things worth remembering, and/or Kottke ripoff. Right now I’m thinking of this as My Hall of Fame, and my channels over there as the raw feed.

b. Writing practice

c. Idea bakery.1 Prediction: things here will be more done than they are finished, but having a place to put down ideas is more important than having them be airtight. I also don’t have to do this publicly (which is really more of a technicality at this point), but I’d like to allow for the possibility of dialogue. That, and hiding my light under a bushel hasn’t done me much good lately.

I have no idea what this is. It’s probably ill-advised to state what it is definitively on Day 2, but setting intentions is important so here we are. 2 

1 “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” —Joan Didion

2 “Confidence is the feeling we have before we fully understand the situation.” —Steve Marsh, from Belated Valentine: A Work in Progress which was read at our wedding.